Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 25th

 The ARTastic Challenge for December was based on a Christmas themed wordle.I wanted to create a vintage feel to my layout because of the photo I'd chosen but I also loved the colours in the wordle, especially the blue. I found that adding the blue gave a great pop of colour and gave more life to my layout.

I selected a photo of my husband taken  when he was an innocent  five year old, standing in front of the family Christmas tree, proudly wearing the postman's outfit he got from Santa.

I chose words for my layout that would reflect what a young child's thoughts at Christmas time might focus on, that is, Santa, the tree, decorations such as tinsel and baubles, what he wished for and his gifts. I cut these words from  Christmas themed paper and created a banner with them. My word banner was then highlighted with a string of miniature Christmas lights.


The paper circle, which is meant to represent a Christmas wreath, had some sparkle added using 3-D stamping paint and coloured rhinestones. I stamped a border of fir tree branches to replicate the real tree in the photo and added a bit more sparkle round the edge with Kindy Glitz.

I hope you like my take on the challenge. I enjoyed creating the layout and found the wordle inspiring. My biggest problem came when I tried to enter it on the ARTastic website due to my ineptitude on the computer. After many frustrating hours I was finally rescued by Julie at "Time to Create". THANK YOU JULIE!!! My entry is definitely last minute but better late than never, I hope.
Cheers, Chris.